What is the brain's emotional response while on social media's not so digital reality? Does Facebook use this data in order to maximize their profit?

How would Facebook make use of emerging technologies that combine businesses with modern science?

It is widely known that Facebook is collecting and analyzing our online behavior in order to optimize the website’s experience, which in turn increases exposure to ads and generates profit. Corporate use of NeuroImaging devices enabled “Neuromarketing”, the measuring of our brain’s activity in response to ads and web content.

We therefore speculate on what’s happening behind closed doors at Facebook’s lab, with access to the latest brain imaging devices. Cooperating with ABL – Aalto’s Neuro-Behavioral Lab, we conducted an experiment, measuring a subject’s brain activity and eye tracking during a 45 minute long Facebook session. We then ran this data through a common algorithm that analyzes emotional regulation activity, namely LPP analysis.

The result is a glimpse of a probable scenario, in which Facebook directly derives financial bonds from our emotional investment in social media.


Avner Peled | Elisa Spigai | Idamaija Pitkonen Piguet | Soujanyaa Boruah

As M.A students for New Media Design and Production at Aalto University’s Media Lab Helsinki, the artists are asking questions regarding the social implications of the latest developments in technology and science. Coming from diverse backgrounds, they combined their skills in design, storytelling, programming and neuroscience for the production of this piece. The project was also realised with the help of Veli-Matti Saarinen, research engineer at Aalto’s Neuroimaging department.